East European Genealogical Society
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Membership is based on the calendar year (January 1 to December 31).The fee is $38.00 per year and will include all Journals for the year.

           New Membership Application (on-line)

Membership (New or Renewal) by Postal Mail (download PDF form)

Membership includes:

  • A quarterly periodical, the East European Genealogist (EEG) including:
    • Record Sources in East Europe
    • Historical Background to East Europe
    • Experiences of Members' Research Trips
    • Free Query, Success Stories, Library Acquisitions, News of Society Activities, etc.
  • A "New Members" package which includes:
    • Constitution
    • Contents of EEG Back Issues
    • “Family History Research … a Beginning” (includes a pedigree chart, family group sheet, research checklist, and research log)
    • “Sources to Determine the Ancestral Village Name”
    • “Political Divisions of the Austro-Hungarian, German and Russian Empires: Eastern European Membership Interest” (includes maps of three empires)
    • “Locating Your Village on a Map” including a map of Europe showing coverage of the three EEGS maps series:
      1. Map key for Generalkarte von Mitteleuropa (1:200,000) maps
      2. Map key for Karte des Deutschen Reiches (1:100,000) maps
      3. Map key for Oblast Topograficheskaia Karta (1:200,000) maps
    • Separate enclosures
      1. East European Genealogist – back issues order form
      2. East European Genealogist – query form
      3. East European Surname/Village(Town) Database entry form
  • Surname-Village Database
    • Submit your surnames and villages for inclusion in the database. This database is indexed by Google; hence, your names/villages will turn up in Google searches allowing others researching the same names/places to find you.
  • Limited research
    • Locating ancestral villages
    • Sources of records
    • Advice on research directions
  • Library
    • Library holdings and map collection is non-circulating and are located at the University of Winnipeg. For a complete library catalogue: EEGS Library Holdings
  • Free admission to all monthly meetings
    • Normally held between September and May on the third Wednesday of each month
East European Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 2536
Winnipeg, MB
Society info. and voice mail: (204) 989-3292
Email: info@eegsociety.org