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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Does a Genealogical Society do my family history research for me?
Answer: No. Genealogical societies are formed to help their members do their own research by providing publications and advise on where to look and how to proceed.
Question: Can you tell me where my family came from if I give you my surname?
Answer: No. For example, even if a surname is clearly German, Germans immigrated from virtually all parts of central and eastern Europe. Slavic surnames (Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, etc.) were often misspelt and could have originated from many different countries. Information about where your family came from, will be found in documents and sources created after immigrating. Our society provides helpful information to members about this subject in our New Members Package and through individual help.
Question: Where is Volhynia (or Galicia, Bukovina, Bohemia, Silesia, etc.)?
Answer: There are many names of areas in central and eastern Europe which are no longer used or official. These were mostly province names of the Russian (Volhynia, Bessarabia, etc.), Austrian (Galicia, Bukovina, etc.), and German (Prussia, Pommerania, etc.) empires prior to WWI. Other names sound more familiar but can be misleading. For example, 'Congress Poland' was part of the Russian empire but this land now only makes up part of Poland. The EEGS helps members identify these and other homeland areas. This is often the first step in pursuing your European genealogy. Maps showing pre-WWI empires and provinces are included in the New Members Package.

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